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Snow blankets Canada for several months each year and people enjoy it on skis, toboggans and snowshoes, as well as dog-sleds and powerful snowmobiles. Skiing is one of the most popular sports in Canada. This country has been the headquarters of Winter Olympic Games many times. The Canadian skiing team is one of the most respected within this world, so it’s not unusual to see many foreign people enjoy the excellent snow conditions of mountains in Canada. French and English are the official languages of Canada, although most skiing lovers learn French before traveling this country. If one wonders why it is, the reason is: the mountains of western Canada offer some of the best skiing in the world and French is the predominant language in this area.

Skiing in Canada

ski in france

Skiing is a way of moving across snow using long, flat runners called skis attached to boots. It has become the most popular winter leisure pursuit in the world. Skiing in Canada can be cold, but the snow conditions are usually excellent. Canadian skiing is extremely popular, particularly in the western mountains, although all ten provinces have some facilities. Skiing is a less pretentious sport than in Europe; some people in Alberta and central British Columbia still ski in jeans.

The skiing scene in Canada is very attractive; there is a great number of people who visit Canada in order to practice skiing. Most of these people come from a non-French-speaking country, so they take a French course before traveling to Canada. If one wants to enjoy this experience without being language differences a problem, it would be advisable to learn some useful ski phrases in French. There are many French language schools around Canada; these schools have many interesting courses to develop one’s French language skills.

French language

These language schools sometimes offer courses for foreign skiers; a language course usually consists of French grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. However, skiers don’t have much time to learn these topics, so they focus on learning useful ski phrases and French sentences. These courses last weeks or months, after foreign skiers complete this course successfully, they will be able to ski at any French-speaking country.

French for ski

The following are the some useful ski phrases in French that one can learn after visiting Canada to practice skiing.




de ski


la neige


de montagne

skiing school

école de ski

skiing instructor

moniteur de ski

Where can I buy skis?

Où puis-je acheter des skis?

Where is this mountain?

Où est cette montagne?

Where can I ski?

Où puis-je skier?

What do I need to ski?

Que dois-je faire du ski?

How can I get there?

Comment puis-je y arriver?

Skiing is a wonderful experience and Canada has the best places to do it. One can use a ski training to live this experience, but it will never be equal. There are many options to travel to Canada, if one doesn’t speak French, one can find many solutions on Internet. One doesn’t need to handle French language as one’s mother tongue to ski. If one learns the proper ski phrases in French, it will be enough to live this exciting experience.