French Lessons

Considered as one of the most important languages, French is widely spoken all over the world. Although, French language is not the most spoken in the world due to it has about 70-100 million native speakers, French enjoys official status in many important countries such as: Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, Côte d'Ivoire, Togo, Guinea, Niger and many other more. As Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Castilian French belongs to Romance language family that evolved out of the Gallo-Romance dialects spoken in northern France.

Guides to learn French

As many people know, there are many ways to learn any language. Due to French is an important language, one can find even more resources than other languages, this is a list with some of the most common ways to learn French language.

Language School

schools in france

Enrolling in a language school is definitely the most common way to learn any language. Many people choose it, because it has many advantages comparing with other methods, for example: it has a personalized teaching, it is important because if you have any question, you can ask your teacher.

Another important advantage is that many teachers are native speakers, so it is useful because apart from the correct pronunciation they have, they can teach you many more things for example: French culture or even some aspects of French sports.

It is very useful to understand in a better way this language.

Courses Online

Courses online are also another good option to learn French language, the main advantage is that you can learn whenever you want, so it is not necessary to attend classes. You will find many kinds of these courses, for example free courses.

Hiring a private tutor

Hiring a tutor is very common among students because tutors offer personalized teaching. The only disadvantage is definitely the cost; sometimes hiring a private teacher can be very expensive.


This is the ideal way for those people who do not want to hire any private teacher or to enroll in a language school. Due to Internet can offer many free resources, many people choose this way. Although, this is not the best way to learn French, it is very useful especially among people who want to learn something without to commit much.

As we can see, there are many resources to learn any language, Language Schools, Hiring a private tutor, courses online, etc. So it is only depend on you what of these options is best suited to your needs.